Flasher 1.3

After few weeks of silence and very turbulent events around Flash games on Android we are back with new version of our popular Flash game player / organizer. Check it out, Flasher 1.3 is here!

Current features:
  • organize and play your favorite Flash games
  • store games for offline use
  • bookmark new game and gallery from browser (using web browser's "Share page" functionality)
  • recommend / share you favorite games to your friends
  • play *.swf files from external storage
  • add new Flashes to your gallery from player or gallery menu
  • hundreds Flash mobile game available from online galleries

Recent changes

Flasher 1.3 (14th Mar 2011)
  • add new Flashes to your gallery from player or gallery menu
    • enables to add prevoiusly downloaded Flash files to be present in Flasher gallery
  • tooltip component introduced
  • some bugfixes

Previous updates:

Flasher 1.2 (9th Jan 2011)
  • improved Gallery UI with tabs for All and Offline Flashes and galleries
  • improved download UI to be more user friendly and to allow gallery bookmarking
  • galleries can now be added eighter from web browser (using browser's "Share page" functionality) or Flasher itself
  • galleries can be marked as favorite
  • Flashes can be sorted by title or by size
  • Flashes can be shared with other applications now so you can simply send recomendation of your favorite games to your friends

Flasher 1.1.1 (15th Dec 2010):
  • bug fixes and small improvements

Flasher 1.1 (9th Dec 2010):
  • improved Gallery UI with Flasher logo and better game status notifications (Online / Offline / Downloading)
  • added possibility to mark games as favorite and filter them
  • 1 Flash mobile game site and 2 Flash game bookmarks added
  • possible to move application to SD card